On Top of the World...Mt Cheam

This is a hike I went on a while back. I am just posting the photos now because Photo Life magazine has recently picked one as a winner in a contest. I wanted to share the others too...
The top of Mt Cheam (near Chilliwack) has spectacular views - especially on a clear day. We were lucky enough to have the perfect weather when we went on Sunday... warm enough, with just a touch of clouds to make for amazing photos.

Here are a few of my favorites.

We met some fun people at the top! I hope you don't mind me blogging about you guys! The shots were too awesome to keep to myself. Enjoy! :)

Sunset at the top of a mountain makes for neat silhouettes. See below!

Special thanks: Photo of me jumping, courtesy of Samuel Bone. Group photo at top, courtesy of the guys we met!