Available in Vancouver - March til September 2012

This year, I have decided to offer "small" photography coverage only.

Since many photographers don't accept small weddings, I realize it can be tough to find someone good that will enthusiastically take on your wedding without making you feel like they'd dump it later if something bigger (i.e. better paying) came their way.

I want to give you exceptional quality images in 4 hours or less. Quality over Quantity. That's my goal - and I know it can be done. Let's face it, not every one can afford 8 or 10 hours, right? Why should you settle for a mediocre photographer just because you don't have a budget for an expensive all-day shoot?

This isn't for everyone of course. If you have a big event planned with a hundred people or more and it spans most of the day, well, you'd most likely want to capture it all. Nothing wrong with that. BUT... if you are having a smaller intimate wedding and all your important events will be said and done within a few hours, then let's chat! I'd love to hear from you.

(Of course, you would receive a DVD with the digital images, and have the ability to add on any hand-made album, canvas or prints that you want at the same great prices that larger packages previously had.)