What To Wear For A Photo Shoot

Ok, so far so good... with my new year´s resolution, that is. It´s only February, and I´m posting my second blog post! I´m dedicating the next few posts to useful tips on photography and how to look good in your photos.

Here are some simple tips to help you choose what to wear for your family photos or portrait session:

  • When picking out your clothing, choose something that is similar to each other in color and tone. If you want to wear a light colored top with dark pants, make sure your partner/family also wears a light top and dark pants and not vice versa.
  • All light colors (i.e. khaki pants and a beige top), or all dark colors (i.e. dark jeans and a brown shirt) work better than top and bottoms being dramatically different shades.
  • If you wear opposite colors on the top and bottom the clothes may be distracting and your family can turn out looking like a checker board!
  • Plain or very simply patterned items are better then detailed patterns. Also, avoid clothing with big logos or images, like a big mickey mouse face on your child´s shirt. It will be very distracting.